Realness is the new wellness.


Moving our bodies is a basic human right. I believe that moving our bodies in a manner that feels good and challenges us to push past the I can’t’s or I don’t want to’s builds character, empowers us and elevates our confidence to embrace our body for the amazing creation it is. We can learn an infinite amount about who we are through how we move and respond to physical challenges. These lessons form, shape and reshape our connection to the world. Choose to feel exceptional in our own skin. You have the power to be in active choice every day. We are intended to feel sensational everyday.

Working this Kettlebell Complex like a winner

A video posted by Angela Leigh (@pureleighangela) on Oct 10, 2014 at 8:09am PDT Yesssssss. Feel like I’m taking gains where I can. Working this Kettlebell Complex like a winner. Kettlebells are my first love when it comes to resistance training. So fresh. So fun. So fierce. #tra
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Angela Leigh - Handstand


H A N D S T A N D Even if it was just for two seconds. Progress friends. Progress. #nofear #falldown #getup #handstandeverywhere #handstandeverywhere #inversion #upsidedown #onehand #progress #boom #believe #truth #train #yogaeverydamnday #yogaeverydamnday #yogaflow #myyoga #mypractic
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Equinox Workout

Saturday sweat sesh

Game On. Saturday sweat sesh. Goals make the hustle so much sweeter. 5 rounds of awful on the menu. #ff #fitfam #fitness #sweat #workout #saturday #equinoxmademedoit #equinox #essentiaphwater
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Exercise not only changes your body...

Fitness mood

Exercise not only changes your BODY. It changes your MIND, your ATTITUDE and your MOOD. Fitness is a life choice, it’s not a one night stand, it’s a committed relationship. If commitment is a struggle for you, you could assume your fitness journey will be as well, but that
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